Agricultural M2M: The Farming Revolution

I found what John Deere is doing in agriculture absolutely fascinating. Precision farming, supported by M2M technologies, takes big data coming off of tractors regarding fields furrowed, seeds planted, harvests reaped and helps farmers calculate precise ROI. One of the things I found incredible, is that JD tractors can plow within an inch of the border of the last furrow, all by self-automated tractors guided by GPS so that there is minimal overlap. Drivers only need to steer around to the next lane. Here’s an excerpt:

“…M2M is just beginning to really develop in this industry – imagine sensors embedded in soil to capture nutrient, moisture, and soil health. The applications and enterprise solutions possible for this burgeoning field are enough to make product and service companies’ mouths water.

With the need to feed a projected world population of 9.6 billion by 2050, and with an estimated 60% more food required to do so, agriculture will need all the help it can get. What it needs according to Lewellen: From telecom providers – a lot more towers; from the FCC – a reconsideration of the policy reforms made two years ago to the Universal Services Fund, which have caused financial uncertainty and resulted in a 70-80% drop in capital investment in fixed broadband.” Read more…

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