The New Wireless Wave: 5G

4G LTE is still getting deployed in certain parts of the U.S. and around the world, but universities, telecom labs such as at Samsung and Alcatel Lucent, and other companies are developing the next generation of wireless technology. For ease of conversation, they are calling it 5G (not to be confused it with Broadcom’s 5G Wifi). But there is no agreed upon standard yet. The term currently refers to a conglomeration of technologies currently being experimented with and developed.

TIA had an interesting gathering with a series of sessions discussing progress in 5G. This interview with Fran O’Brien of Alcatel Lucent and Norman Fekrat of Lemko gives a good overview of what is developing in 5G and the respective visions of their companies. With the ever expansion of Internet of Things/M2M and consumer driven demands on our networks, faster, lower cost, lower power consumption networks will be in continuous demand and will drive important breakthroughs. Read more…

Additional resources:
> See ALU’s current view on 5G, posted by Tod Sizer, VP of Wireless Research for Bell Labs (Alcatel Lucent).
> The 5GNow Project presents how the EU is pushing 5G technology forward.

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