6 Essential Skills of the Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Amy Wilkinson, Author of The Creators Code: The SIX ESSENTIAL SKILLS of extraordinary entrepreneurs [sic], spoke with InnovationNetwork.guru at the Wharton DC Innovation Summit about how, as a sociologist with a masters in business administration, decided to explore what made entrepreneurs tick. She found that there are six which she describes as “Find the Gap,” “Drive for Daylight,” “Fly The Ooda Loop,” “Fail Wisely,” “Network Minds” and “Gift Small Goods.”

Individuals are not the only ones that can display this creativity. Corporations can too. Amy describes GE’s solution to the terrors of MRI machines for children. The designer, Doug Dietz, saw how scared children were to go into the machine. He brought together children, parents, doctors and themed entertainment designers to create a series of adventures. Now children embark on a pirate ship, or encounter space aliens, or another 5 different stories to immerse them and make them actually enjoy the experience. The results are the sedation rate has dropped from 80% to nearly 0%. See Dietz’s TedX talk below.

So how does one “crack the code?” Amy believes you need all six skills as an individual. And you need a team that will compliment and balance your strengths, so that you can become a powerful creator that scales up new ideas.

by Limor Schafman

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