Exercise Your Innovation Muscles

Luis Solis, CEO of Imaginatik, has a clear message to corporations seeking to innovate: “You have to build your innovation muscles.” And that commitment needs to come from the very top. InnovationNetwork.guru learned 7 of Luis’s top factors for innovation success within large corporations:

>> Transformative and disruptive innovation comes only with C-level commitment
>> Innovation funding needs to be for 5-8 years minimum
>> Middle management needs to be brought on board and own the innovation process
>> Message to CEOs: “Kick it off and stand back”
>> Compensation and incentives need to support innovation goals
>> Innovation must create value for a marketplace
>> Listening to the customer will lead to the future faster

Luis has shared his philosophy in his book, Innovation Alchemists: What Every CEO Should Know to Hire the Right Chief Innovation Officer

by Limor Schafman

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