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Our regionally created Comic Con – called Awesome Con – is coming to Washington DC, May 29-31 at the Washington DC Convention Center. (Thank you co-founders Ben Penrod and Steve Anderson for seeing the need of a huge fan base here in the DC Region!)

If you’re into comics, graphic novels, sci fi, and fantasy, in all formats from paper to digital media and games to movies and TV, you are going to want to come to this event. It features Kevin Eastman, John Rhys-Davies, Merrin Dungey, Sean Astin, George Takei, the men behind the original voices of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kristin Bauer, Victoria Smurfit, William Shatner and many more. Depending on your registration level, you get access to the stars themselves, autographs and a bunch of swag.

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