Never Accept Anything But Success, Then Success Is Instinctual

S.A. Ibrahim spoke at the Wharton DC Innovation Summit of 2014, sharing his story of the difficult, yet determined, turn around of Radian, which at one point was losing hundreds of millions of dollars. The downturn hit many companies, but not everyone survived or thrived to the level that Radian has rebuilt itself. The reason wanted to interview S.A. was because of this important and unusual focus – that it is through passion, not analysis that one addresses a challenge. He decided to spend $20M to grow his sales team. Now that’s thinking different. He and his team knew that as long as they could keep their customers and grow their customer base, they would remain viable, and eventually the investor money would come.

But this was not the only factor in Radian’s success. S.A. also knew he needed to keep his employees enthusiastically involved in the creation of their own success. He believed in them more than they may have themselves. During this time of high risk transition, his employee and management base changed and self-selected (as well as were selected) to drive the internal changes that were necessary to rebuild the company.

by Limor Schafman

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