Education Gamification: What I Wish My Teachers had in High School

Did you ever feel like leaping out of your chair in school and wish that what didn’t stick in your brain for whatever reason, could be packaged in a different way that made sense. And as a teacher, are you wondering how on earth you can communicate, capture the attention of, and inspire your students. Well it looks like there may be a new LMS that can address both those needs. In reading some teacher blogs, I ran across 3D GameLab – a platform that enables teachers to see where they’re students are, instigate learning through gamification and tap into those game structures that keep gamers in play for hours. The platform appears to let teachers create their own virtual learning environments, badges, learning goals, and employ new teaching methodologies such as the flipped classroom while seeding greater student engagement.

The platform launched it’s alpha in 2010, and continued to grow in capabilities in use. Here are some links and videos with information and reviews:

Thank you, Dr. Ray Pastore, for your review which lead me to 3D GameLab.

A general review:

A review by a student on quest based learning:

A professor’s take on the platform:

by Limor Schafman

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