Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Retail Companies in 2015

Fast Company has posted it’s top 10 favorite retail innovators. I certainly have to agree with one of them – Eataly – one of my favorite places to go when I visit NYC. The combination of variety of foods, delectable edibles in Italian pastas, cheese, deserts, pizza, and all there to be purchased and also to be eaten in a variety of venues around the store. Love it!

Other points grabbing me in this article:
>> Warby Parker founders’ “deliberateness” and singular focus
>> Alibaba’s continual rethinking of established market sectors
>> $28B “global shopping-center behemoth” Westfield Corp’s willingness to realize it needed to think its winning formula of the mall and establish an innovation lab
>> Zulily’s ability to pay attention to a well established market – mom’s and kids – and make it their own
>> Flipkart’s perseverance despite serious competitive pressures
>> Instacart’s vision to try online retail food shopping and delivery one more time despite the road littered with carcasses of companies which tried and failed before
>> Pinterest’s find (perhaps) of a financial model
>> Walker & Company Brands’ focus on addressing a particular need of a particular market with their first product, and making the market sing in response
>> Frank & Oak’s ability to turn exclusivity of a fashion look into a story about life

by Limor Schafman
Article Source: Susan Cowan

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