Traklight & the Traklight Platform for IP & Risk Management


What does Traklight Offer?
Traklight is the only self-guided software platform to identify and capture the value of ideas and intellectual property for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). In addition to helping SMBs and investors accurately identify the value of intangible assets, Traklight licenses its platform to attorneys, other professionals, and software platforms to streamline the client intake process, prequalify and educate customers, and generate additional billable hours or revenue. The company’s leadership role in helping SMBs leverage their company value is supported by a Partnership Program that includes Federally sponsored organizations, trade associations, and industry and inventor groups. Traklight is privately held and headquartered in Arizona. Visit to learn more.

What is Traklight’s Platform?

Traklight’s cloud-based software platform empowers businesses to identify risks and prioritize tasks in order to capture their full potential value and mitigate risk. We provide a GPS or a roadmap for complicated and misunderstood business and legal issues: prevent costly mis-steps; save businesses time and money; and allow self-management of valuable strategic assets. In turn our technology allows our partners, including attorneys and investors, to generate additional revenue and create better client relationships.

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To learn more about how Traklight helps companies manage their Intellectual Property of all types, watch this video:

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