Become a “Super” with Augmented Reality

AR Infographic

Augmented World Expo takes place next week in Santa Clara, CA. I had great fun of speaking with Ori Inbar, CEO and co-founder of Augmented Reality.ORG which produces AWE, and together we took a dive into what makes Augmented Reality and its sister on the spectrum from immersion in reality to complete virtualness (Don’t go Matrix on me. Though happy to debate whether this whole life we lead is virtual.) What excites me about AR is what else it plays with so well and naturally – IoT, of course Wearables, games, which all means BIG level interaction between humans and the environment, and also big data. These sectors are explosive! which is what makes them so much fun to watch.

Ori’s take – and the theme of the conference as you can see from this graphic – is that augmented reality gives a human super powers. Here is the article I wrote for RCR Wireless for whom I did the interview. This conference has fantastic presenters. So if you can make it looks like a great place to be. And stay tuned, we just might try a virtual streaming visit of the show floor here on IN Live! I’ll keep you posted.

Use this CODE “SuperP19″owers and get $19 exhibits pass to AWE.

by Limor Schafman
Posted with permission from RCR Wireless and RCR Wireless TV

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