Integrated Leadership and the Conscious Use of Self

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Program Description:
What we do and have as a leader is based on who we are or our sense of self. Self-awareness is essential. Ironically, the more we know about ourselves the more we have to confront our blind spots and insecurities to access our strengths. We will use an experiential process, known as systemic constellations, to more fully step into and utilize our innate power and capacity as leader. By becoming conscious to our own self-limiting beliefs and patterns we can transform them from obstacles into allies. Leadership is integrated, according to the neurological research, when it goes beyond the mind and draws up the domains of emotion, spirit and body. When we are conscious and present in all those domains we can lead and inspire others from our deepest knowing. Our patterns and disowned parts may seem to get in the way of our mission, but as we see and embrace them they become part of our mission. Energy that was trapped in denial or the frozen past can be released to move our work life forward. We all have inner resources waiting to be acknowledged and tapped that can help us make our own “dent in the universe.”

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding of the principles of the conscious use of self
2. Apply those principles to a leadership challenge
3. Experience how to transform obstacles to allies and access more inner resources

Presenter Bio:
Harrison Snow designs and facilitates programs in team building, organizational change and leadership development. He uses a variety of approaches to build strong, mutually supportive teams including: management training, executive coaching, strategic planning and change management facilitation. He began his organizational development practice in 1988 and has been conducting team building and leadership development programs in 26 countries for Fortune 500 clients and public organizations such as the, World Bank Group, Inter-American Development Bank, the U.S. Department of State and the Agency for International Development. For the past six years he has been leading an organizational constellation, special interest group for CBODN to explore systemic issues around managing change. Harrison also conducts both in-house and open enrollment train-the-facilitator programs. He has written three well received books on team building for facilitators and managers, has an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and resides in Falls Church, Virginia.

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