Mindfulness in Marketing is Good Business

Increasingly we are seeing how mindfulness is playing a large role in corporations – from Ariana Huffington speaking about being present, Steve Jobs discussing meditation and Google employing a mindfulness leader within the company.

As within, so without, and if we are going to be mindful with regard to ourselves, why not be mindful in our marketing practices to our customers. So believes Lisa Nirell, author of the award winning book, “The Mindful Marketer: How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World,” and Chief Energy Officer of the strategic marketing firm, EnergizeGrowth.

In this interview with IN Live!, Lisa describes the three trends she noted which motivated her to write the book: The new ways customers where making purchases; the advent of what she calls the “Digital Intrusion Movement;” and the speed of change in business and the competitive environment. Nirell9781137386298ha their leaders forget about this. Lisa observes that it is hard to stay mindful on behalf of others, when one is consumed by busy-ness in one’s own office and personal lives. Instead one needs to take a step back, and review the reality of where a company stands with non-judgmental awareness. She offers helpful tips of how to get present in the midst of deadlines and conference calls.

Lisa goes on to describe how it is time for marketing objectives, methodologies and language to change in order to enable customers to make purchases through the impetus of the positive excitement of experience, happiness and fulfillment, rather than dearth and fear.

In short, new times call for new messaging, and it is in the hands of creative communicators to lead the way.

by Limor Schafman

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