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Did you know that female cows in heat change their walking patterns in a particular way? This was discovered when Fujitsu placed pedometers on cows, making them tech-chic with IoT connected wearable ankle bracelets. This small bit of data was used to then more effectively inseminate the cows thus increasing yield significantly. As part of the Fujitsu GyuHo SAAS offering using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, now all cow activities are being captured on screen. That’s a heap load of data. But the ironic aspect is that it was just the small part of the data – the foot patterns – that caused a major change in cow generation management.

The question that Bob O’Donnell asks in his blog post on Tech Analysis Research is how we should manage our expectations around big data (vs. small data), and whether our quest and obsession, I would say, about big data might cause us to miss those small opportunities for change and innovation. Sometimes it is when we are able to take note of information we were not expecting, that we are able to find true golden nuggets of opportunity.

Don goes on to talk about expectations around big data and how we should manage our expectations for mind-bending breakthroughs every time we do an analysis. I would agree. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of omniscience we all are hoping data can give us. But we are only as intelligent as the questions we ask. Which means we may be missing an understanding of the data we have. Or we may not be gathering the data we actually need. So lets keep our ears, eyes and brains open as we continue to experiment, refine and, sometimes, completely rethink how we gather and use both big and little data.

Source: Bob O’Donnell and “The Analytics of IOT”
By Limor Schafman

Additional Information:
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