True Ingenuity: Making the Most of What You Have

There is a reason that the tagline of is a list of these words: People * Creativity * Knowledge * Insight * Foresight * Will – it is because time and again these have been the core elements I’ve observed for all things innovative.

This story about Baila Ndiaye of Senegal is quintessential in touching each of these elements. Baila runs an engineering firm in Strasbourg, France. But when he is not doing that, he is creating functional transportation vehicles, such as cars and airplanes, out of discarded items.

This video shows Baila zipping around in the car he calls Syndiely made fully from recycled materials. It moves faster and more flexibly than my Mini! Not only does this engineering feat show what can be done with vision and perseverance; it gives us a view of what is possible to produce by using things “re-create.” Given the amount of discarded hardware, technology, furniture, artwork, clothes, …everything, imagine what those items either taken alone or combined with Maker tools such as 3D printing and IoT (Internet of Things, such as sensors and actuators) can produce. Creativity in both art and function is possible. For Africa, this is a way to create the machines they need to progress, while making use of what they already have.

Baila’s next venture is a short-hop airplane, and he’s thinking about how to scale production of the car.

By Limor Schafman
Original Story on France 24 by Chloe Lauvergnier (@clauvergnier)

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