There’s Gold in Them Thar Aurums

Literally. Aurum, a multilayered nanotechology product produced by Valaurum, contains 1/10 of a gram of 24 carat gold. It makes gold affordable for everyone, with a 10th of a gram being valued at approximately $10.

Developed by thin film specialist Paul Diffendaffer and one of his partners, Laurie Johansen, Aurum is a polyester product in which nanotechnology deposits with extremely high precision, exactly 1/10th of a gram of gold between two layers of polyester. After years of trial and error, Valaurum’s CEO, Adam Trexler shows in the interview with, that the result is a thin, flexible product which feels like paper and which can be designed to be in different shapes, any size and have an imprint of any graphic desired.

In an age where established currencies no longer are backed by gold, and new virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are increasingly accepted in real world monetary transactions, it is interesting that Valaurum is being used to add intrinsic value to some currencies, though in and of itself it is not used for barter…yet. For the first time since the use of gold coins, gold can now be actually held in hand by the owner embedded in a bill of currency. Valaurum is currently working with a country to produce exactly this. News of the venture will be released in the near future.

This raises an interesting point of discussion – as the digital world becomes increasingly established and traditional products, businesses or ways of doing business are disintermediated, what do humans really want to experience? The seamless co-existence of digital and tangible, both separately and interrelated is increasingly becoming a way of life. Market opportunities and new business models will continue to grow in the development of each of these three – the real, the virtual and the interconnection. Bitcoin used for purchasing real world goods. Human behavior data captured by Nest and turned into real world adjustments to home heating. The augmented reality Ingress game with players seeking domination of real world sectors. Perhaps eventually Ingress Action Points will be converted into specially created Ingress Aurum notes which will have real world transaction value. The sky is the limit.

Turning back to Valuarum’s real world focus, additional markets it is pursuing are the physical gift, reward, certificate marketplace, and the bullion trading marketplace. The technology has just been issued an Australian patent and has over a dozen trade secrets. From having spoken to Trexler, one thing is clear: Valaurum will take the perseverance it showed in creating this product and begin to truly mine Aurum’s market opportunities.

By Limor Schafman

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