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First and foremost – thank you for carving out time to read, watch and listen to the content. I hope this will invite dialogue with you. I want to hear what you are interested in and what you are seeking in a resource about the topics we’ll be covering.

To define the vision of Innovation Network, I have used very specific words : People, Creativity, Knowledge, Foresight, Will.

These words represent, I believe, critical variables in the formula (if that word can be used in this context) that produces Innovation. We are living in a time of seismic change in social structure, what we value as humans, how we define ourselves to ourselves and in relation to others, what we want from our lives, what we expect and want from our political and business leaders, and most importantly, how we see ourselves. We will be looking at this time of change and the Innovation it will bring forward as well as demand of us, through these five lenses. We will be looking at Innovation at work, society, home, and in particular industries. We will search out how to seed and support innovation, creativity, curiosity, the love of exploration and the creation of the New across these areas. This blog hopes to be part of the dialogue and activity that will usher in, guide and support this era of transition and change.

People People are astonishing Beings. Their minds never cease to look, delve into, be curious about, inquire and develop new thoughts. They are the genesis of what comes. People are the creators. You can believe they create through Source, God, or solely on their own. Regardless, people are the means through which Innovation happens on this Earth.

Creativity This may be an art form, a process, a way of being. Whatever it is, it is the air, sun and water which leads to the generation of the New. It is the essence of our being, whether we are aware of this or not. No matter what we think of ourselves, each and every one of us is a creative being with our own particular way of bringing that essence forward in our lives, work, social circles, etc.

Knowledge New “stuff” – be it approaches, mindsets, philosophies, processes, technologies, business models, materials, ways of life – requires knowledge. Information of what has been and what is now. Innovation can be evolutionary or revolutionary, but it always takes place in a context of need and desire. And this, on a fundamental level is knowledge. Mix in expertise on particular topics, and we start getting interesting leaps of possibility and new “stuff.”

Foresight At every moment the future becomes the present. What we envision and work toward becomes, more often than not, our new reality. That visioning, that ability to think of worlds which do not yet exist, which may be diametrically in opposition to current reality, is what makes human beings so powerful and so capable of transformation.

Will Nothing comes into being without persistence. This does not mean the path to creation and innovation needs to be difficult. On the contrary, sometimes it can be quite easy and flowing. What this does mean is that Innovation cannot take “No” for an answer. Because the “No’s” and the “Can’t Do’s” and the “Won’t Happen’s” are repeated, and often. Luckily for the existence of humanity, they have not always been listened to.

I will repeat this for emphasis – this blog is meant to generate a collaborative exploration of what is, what can be, and what we want our future to Be in the present.

This means I am looking for:

> Contributing Writers – I am seeking media collaborators to build this network. If you have a point of view, story, experience you want to share that fits within these themes, write to me!

> Great Stories – I always love hearing about something new that I can bring to our audience. If you have or know of a great story or topic, tell to me!

> Advertisers/Sponsors- We are here to support you also in promotion. If you have an event, product, service, book, movie or anything else which may interest our audience, talk to me!

I look forward to our discussion,
Limor S.
Founder, Producer, Co-Writer

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  1. Limor,

    I love your site.

    I would like to put up Valaurum as a new technology.

    Could we make a 3 minute video with Adam Trexler? Adam will be back in DC on June 4th and 5th. I will send you an invitation.

    Tom Trexler

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