Breaking the Sound Barrier for Hearing and Gesture

Bone conduction has fascinated me as a way to transmit sound since I first interviewed Max Virtual in 2013 (see a prepost of the interview below). What is interesting today is the news that AT&T has released a series of 7 patent filings for bone conduction technology. As reported by FierceWirelessTech and the Atlanta Business Chronicle, these patents cover two areas: 1. Hearing enhancement:...

Wearables: Can They be Practical & Look Good?

I had the privilege and great fun this past CES to join Joanna Stern personal technology columnist at the Wall St. Journal, Michael Bell – GM New Devices Group at Intel, Chris Glode – GM for Connected Devices at Under Armour, and Carmichael Roberts – partner North Bridge Venture Partners and MC10, in a discussion of wearables today and in the near future. In the advent of #AWE2015,...

Become a “Super” with Augmented Reality

Augmented World Expo takes place next week in Santa Clara, CA. I had great fun of speaking with Ori Inbar, CEO and co-founder of Augmented Reality.ORG which produces AWE, and together we took a dive into what makes Augmented Reality and its sister on the spectrum from immersion in reality to complete virtualness (Don’t go Matrix on me. Though happy to debate whether this whole life we lead...

The Human Enterprise Cyborg – Presenting a New Head Mounted Display by Motorola Solutions

Nicole Tricoukes and Brian McHale of Motorola Solutions given an in-depth view of how the CTO and product management offices collaborated to create the newly released rugged Goldeni headmounted display. Interview by Limor Schafman of U2U Connect, RCR TV. Reposted with permission from RCR TV by LIMOR SCHAFMAN

3D Audio in a Baseball Cap: I Tried it and it Sounds, I Mean Vibes, Amazing!

Mike Freeman of Max Virtual discusses the latest Cynaps Enhance baseball cap with Limor Schafman of the U2U Connect show on RCR TV. Having tested the hat out, I can say that the 3D sound is astonishing. A great product for the hearing impaired. by LIMOR SCHAFMAN Reposted with permission from RCR TV

Out of Pocket: Wearable Wireless Could Challenge Smartphone Form Factor

out of pocket
Google Glass has barely scratched the surface of the huge market for wearable technology, according to researchers who have analyzed the market from several perspectives. Transparency Market Research says the market for wearable tech was worth $750 million in 2012, and will hit $5.8 billion by 2018. IMS Research has an even more aggressive projection, predicting that “by 2016, wearable technology...